2009: A New Year in Digital

This year will bring some rather exciting changes to the digital media landscape. In truth, all years have something new as the boundaries of technologies are being pushed, and as the result of the changing-behavior among users who are continue to embrace new services and what they have to offer. 2009 however, will be different in that consumption and the Internet usage is shifting as the result of the economic situation (at least here in North America).

This presentation hopes to shed light on some of what has happened in 2008, and what we can expect more of over the next 11 1/2 months.

Note: A special thanks to Helge Tenno of Screenplay, who was the inspiration for the visual design and layout of the presentation.

Update: Slide 10 was updated to reference proper credit (Thanks Helge :o). An additional slide was include to provide another example on storytelling through unexpected platforms, with an explanation now provide for the Mini example under Augmented Reality.

Download the revised version here (megaupload link).
2009: A New Year In Digital
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  1. Excellent stuff David.

    Just thought I'd ad that the quote from my blog on slide 10 actually is from a presentation by Lou Carbone.

    He was critiquing CRM systems for not having anything to do with loyalty:

    Just because he's a registered frequent flier doesn't mean he likes the Airline brand. In fact he hated it, and he used every opportunity to spread his negativity. But he had to use them because no other airline flew between the destinations he needed. That isn't the kind of loyalty brands should pursue.

    I just couldn't remember which airline he was referencing and therefore couldn't include it as a quote on my blog :o)

    Again, valuable slideshow, appreciate you sharing it!


  2. Hi Helge,

    Thanks for correcting me on this. I'll be sure to make the revision and at it as a paraphrased quote. I think what you're on to regarding CRM systems is something that is very interesting.

    Marketers should be looking to turn all of their CRM systems into "loyalty systems." I agree that they are currently a weak link in that regards, and using them to build loyalty can and should be done.

    Thanks again for the comment, and for taking time to view the presentation!



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