Don't Just Talk to, Talk WIth

Something that's been on my mind has been participation within community, specifically bloggers. While I do enjoy sharing my thoughts with those i've come to know, I'm always hopeful that I can grow new friendships with those visiting this space. And while I wish there were more comments (either positive or negative), I realize that I myself should comment more.

Why do we choose to comment? And why do we most certainly comment in our minds as we read content, but almost never do? It takes time to reply and post your opinion around a topic, which of course takes more commitment to do than simply visiting a blog or an RSS aggregator.

But I'm convinced that commenting is a habit that is to be formed, just as any other habit, even blogging. Most of my comments end up on Twitter or Facebook, which make the commenting process easier. I can comment by actually writing something, I can vote or "like" content and/or other comments. I can share (which is really a form of commenting that says "this is good and worth sharing), and even commenting on status updates just seems like fun if anything else.

So I'm challenging myself to comment more around the content I see and read, and hope to share that experience. If you're reading this because I commented on your blog and somehow ended here, great. :o

Because, at the end of the day, is commenting just as fulfilling as posting content? I'll let you know :o

Care to take the challenge with me and create conversation? Tweet me a holla.