Broadcasting Social Media Cues

As technology advances, people have been treating their location (or rather their community really) as part of their identity.

With examples such as Loopt, Bright Kite, ShareThis, AddThis, the popular Twitter, Urban Spoon, Flock, FriendFeed, the creation of social badges using Retaggr, and more recently Facebook Connect, it’s not much surprise that savvy users of the Internet are using such tools to make the entire Web social.

The advent of such services is an overall trend that points to a larger notion of broadcasting location, identity and behavior as part of one’s social media cues. Showing others we are reading, listening to, downloading, watching, and which causes we support allow us to influence the behaviors of those within our social circles. These tools and technologies are providing us with new ways to broadcast such actions, and making the Web more social and connected through our individual point-of-view.