Interactions Among Different Perceptive Networks

One example of how perceptive networks might interact with one another is by taking a concept that already exists. Through Tony Player’s partnership with Twones, users who subscribe to this service can share a music timeline of songs they’ve listened to by arriving to a club using the Tony Player system (this is already happening in Belgium) and alerting Twones via text message. Twones then captures a users music stream data, providing it to the DJ who re-mixes and creates a new playlist for the crowd.

The result is a creation of a group perceptive network that is created in real-time when individual users allow their perceptive network to interact with other perceptive networks through web and location-based systems. In this example, the single collective stream of music is used to join perceptive networks to each other. Users can then view other user’s music, profile, photos, and other information should they allow each other to do so via request to link their perspective network.

Just another interesting way of how Perceptive Networks will emerge through entertainment platforms as the result of active participation and other types of similar opportunities.