Not Just Digital Natives and Immigrants, but Naturalized Digital Citizens

Most of today’s online usage comes from countries that have been online for over almost a decade, if not more. That is where today’s digital immigrants (those adopting web usage during life) and digital natives (those who have grown up with the Web, mobile technology, and various forms of convergence media) are accessing the Internet. But what about less developed countries where the online population is less abundant, only because the opportunity to access the Internet by home, work, or public access point is not available? With programs such as One Laptop Per Child, and AMD’s 50x15 initiative, with its goal of connecting 50% of the world’s population by 2015, the result will be a new kind of connected user, who will become a naturalized digital citizen.

Technology adoption is growing in these Leap-frogging nations at a much faster pace. And with other countries embracing mobile, which is now growing at 8x that of the Web, soon, everyone around the world will participate in the digital world.