Obama's Digital, Transparent Presidency

In mid-November, the President-elect’s office announced that Obama would post weekly addresses on YouTube. So far, 37 videos have been posted on the Change.gov channel. While this is seen as a government embracing Web 2.0 and social media in general, Obama and his newly-appointed cabinet have done something more using the Internet to gain voters and provide two-way communication. With a President who is using Twitter and YouTube to get a message across (the former hasn’t been updated for a while, however, but that will most likely change soon), what we’re seeing here is a the future of a new government who will want to bypass the mass media and communicate directly to viewers via more personal channels of communication.

The beginning of a digital and transparent presidency is allowing the population to feel like they have a direct connection to their newly-elected leader, as a result of new technologies that bypass the mass media. We’ll look forward watching, texting, commenting, blogging, and twittering with this type of new government.