Recombinant Trends Over the Next 15 Years

I enjoy pondering just as much about the future as much as those predicting the trends for next year, 5 years, or even 10 years. But what about the next 15 years, or 50 years for that matter? Speaking outside of the retro-futuristic, the reality is that all new trends are recombinants of previous trends as the result of new technology, change in culture, and the adoption new things merged with consistent values. For those who haven’t yet seen Faris Yakob’s talk on recombinant culture (video), you'll see that the concept even applies to new trends are ensuing among groups.

So, I thought I would use the Trends Generator to recombine some trends of my own. The following are some of the most interesting which I randomly stumbled upon:

Nano-retail Ecomony
Self-Ethical Markets
Digital Food Agenda
Social Media Hacking
Perma-Rich Society
Hybrid Austerity Realism
Premium Lease Society
Omni Medianomics
Urban Hardware Futures
The Nano-branding Generation
Authentic Heritage-preneurship

Who knows, maybe some of these trends will actually emerge over the next decade and a half, give or take 5 years…