Blog Authors and Content Collaboration

One of the bloggers which I follow and am most fascinated by is Bud Caddell's What Consumes Me, not only because of Bud's thinking or for kindly sharing it, but mostly because of his ability to take the blog medium and use it as a platform for collaboration. Take a visit to his blog and you'll see exactly what it mean.

"I want to write for your blog. Gratis. But you have to give me a great question or profound thought to ponder."

This is how Bud starts off posts written for other fellow bloggers, then asking his visitors to visit the blog to read the guest article in its entirety. 

As a hats off to Bud for fostering collaboration among the personal blogging crowd, I'd like to take the idea up as one to follow. I've enjoyed commenting with several of you, emailing and reaching out to others, and have had the pleasure of posting content on History Repeats Digitally as well as on Slideshare where I have also met some great people. 

I'd like to reach out to some of you personally over the next couple of weeks to ask if you are interested in contributing to this blog on a per-post basis, with the intention of fostering collaboration, and stating that I'd be happy to do the same on your blog if the occasion arises.

Thanks to all for continuing to read and share your thoughts.