The Great Discriminator

I've recently picked up John Zogby's The Way We'll Be again, after a long pause due to some arduous work over the last couple of weeks. Nevertheless, I'm impressed by that extensive knowlege that Zogby has as a pollster, especially when it comes to identify trends among the
connect class and their digital behaviors.

In talking about millennials and how they are global, networked and inclusive of just anything, Zogby described how the Internet plays a part in the lives of this group of digital immigrants and natives, which he defines as the First Globals:

While i've never really thought of travel in the sense of the manifestation of the exploration or "travel" that happens on the Web, it makes sense. Many of the tweets and status updates I view on a daily basis regarding my social circles are directly linked to travel. Whether it's "on vacation," or "attending a conference," travel seems to be a growing topic that many of us choose to share with others. Even if I can't find myself going away for a couple of days, or able to attend a conference or industry panel discussion, I often find myself watching such events virtually through video and presentations (lagged of course after they've ended).

Where will you travel today, either online or in the physical world? When will there no longer be a difference?