Kids and Teens Abandoning Social Networking Profiles for Blogs and Video?

Certantly nothing too new about the greying social networks and community websites, but it is interesting to see the numbers behind it.

What fascinates me more is that the number of users on community and social networks has decreased among the 2-17 age group according to new Nielsen data. Even as this group is mostl likely making up the majority of users on communities like Bebo, AOL Red, SocialVide, Habbo, or even within gaming areas such as MapleStory, I ask myself: if those 9% are really no longer interested in community websites, where then are they going?

According to comScore, traffic to YouTube rose 37% from Feb ‘08 to Feb 2009, compared to 27% for the U.S. total audience. Usage of blog platforms such as Blogger increased 42% over the same time period, which is significantly higher than 16% of the total U.S. population online.

Are teens abandoning their social profiles and updates and focusing on blogs and video more, or have they always? At the end of the day, people are still hungry for interesting content, wherever that may be.